Welcome to Foundations and Frontiers

 Australia’s first truly tripartite national construction event. As the name suggests, ‘foundations’ symbolises the rock-solid groundings of the industry built over many years, while ‘frontiers’ represent our commitment to pushing boundaries to achieve a more sustainable construction industry.

Be part of a new movement

Brought to you by the Australian Constructors Association and supported by KPMG, Foundations and Frontiers is part of a new movement to transform how the construction industry operates. This transformation aims to benefit everyone – taxpayers, asset owners, industry, and, most importantly, those who work in it.

This movement is about a coordinated national response. As the industry struggles to deliver the infrastructure pipeline in a timely and cost-effective manner, the gap between available and required workforce is widening, productivity stagnating, and costs soaring. Much like the urgency posed by global warming, this issue demands immediate action.

Event Flyer

Uniting all construction stakeholders

Government, industry and unions, Foundations and Frontiers provides a platform for public and private discussion on the industry’s critical challenges. It will challenge attendees to think about what good looks like – just #imaginewhen. This is not the usual highly scripted opportunity to preach from the pulpit. Attendees can expect to leave the event exhilarated, having gained valuable insights. Importantly, this event will spark tangible change across the industry.

Join the movement