FF24 Conversation Starters

 Start the conversation now – from the ground up – and join the movement! Download our ready-made social media cards, create your own, provide a statement or send us a video with your thoughts.

Please use the hashtags #FF24 and #ImagineWhen..

Social Media

Download FF24 social media cards

Our ready-to-use social media cards are designed to help the industry express its appetite for positive change. Use our FF24 social media cards, craft your accompanying message and publish it on your social media feeds using the hashtags #FF24 and #ImagineWhen to declare you are part of the movement.

To help you with copy, here are some thought starters:


Facebook & Instagram

Create your own FF24 social media cards

Use our FF24 social media card template to craft your message about what’s important to you and, in doing so, show you are part of the movement for change #ImagineWhen. Remember, it is your responsibility to only use images that you own and that do not breach copyright.

Download an editable PowerPoint version here.


Share your FF24 #Imaginewhen videos with the industry

We want to unearth your voice. Share with us your views on the construction industry and we’ll share them with our networks far and wide. It’s easy, just film yourself or have someone film you on your mobile, upload the video to our file-sharing site and we’ll share your thoughts through our social media channels and possibly at FF24!

Here are some easy steps to follow.

Step 1. Choose your question/s (choose as many as you like)

  • Describe the perfect construction industry
  • What skills will be needed will be needed in the construction industry in the future?
  • If the construction industry was financially in good shape, what would be different?
  • How big of an opportunity is data in our industry?
  • What have you witnessed recently that makes you think that change in the construction industry is coming or already underway?
  • Complete this sentence – Imagine when the construction industry….

2. Prepare to record

  • Set your phone to 4K video quality via the settings menu.
  • During interviews, hold the phone in landscape orientation.
  • If filming outside, position subjects out of the wind and in a quiet area, ideally away from road noise.
  • Avoid backlighting subjects; do not place them in front of a window. The light source should be behind the camera.

3. Record

  • First, state your first name, surname, role and the company you work for. This information is collected for our records and will not be displayed in the published videos.
  • Record your video in one take. Your video may be between 10 seconds and 1-minute. You can submit more than one video.

4. Upload

Written Statements


FF24 provides an important opportunity to shine a light on champions committed to building a more sustainable construction industry.

We invite you to share your vision for the construction industry in a written statement no more than 300 words using the hashtag #ImagineWhen. The vision should touch on one or more of the event themes: industry culture, workforce, skills, financial sustainability and data. Please include your name, title, company name and headshot. Statements will be published on the FF24 website.

Submit a statement: [email protected]

Download a PDF of the communications toolkit here